Located in the heart of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, our artisanal operation combines our own Calvados production (distillation) with the ageing of brandies.

Our vision may be atypical and creative, but it also upholds the illustrious, expressive traditions of Normandy. 

Our team draws its commitment, a kind of manifesto, on the preservation of the local heritage, in which a modest form of cider production, still anchored in venerable rural traditions, can continue to be expressed.

Having gained a wide range of professional experience, one in marketing and product development, and the other as cellar master, Ange Giard and Frédéric Laheurte teamed up in 2009 in order to combine their complementary skills. 

A shared vision emerged from this association, based on offering our customers and distributors the broadest possible expression of the various types of Calvados. To achieve this, it seemed evident to us that the identity of our spirits should be affirmed by using both traditional and more contemporary bottle designs, an echo of the multicultural world in which we live.

The customized products that we offer (and which have been requested of us) provides another approach for our expertise, with an assurance of quality, and a responsiveness in their execution that can enable many operators to differentiate their product ranges. 

But let us not forget our mission, inspired by this Free Spirit, to offer the finest possible expression of a region and a history through an exceptional Eau de Vie, the appropriately named Calvados.

Paradoxically, our desire to accomplish this mission manifested itself in our unique and slightly quirky image. Our tendency not to follow the beaten path has resulted in the creation of other products in addition to our main activity, that could be called “alternative spirits”. Our “Anglo-Norman” gin, for example, that is made partly with apples.

« Normandy is located just at the place in the world where the rain and the sun do not chase one another, but come together, uniting the soil and the climate »

Jean de la Varende